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This ten-week education course focuses on recovery and is for any person with serious mental illness. The course provides participants with comprehensive information on mental illness. It also teaches strategies for personal and interpersonal awareness, coping skills, and self-care strategies.


Classes are taught by trained mentors, or peer teachers, who are successfully managing their own conditions. The course provides a full approach to recovery, including individual empowerment, family and peer support, relapse prevention, communication skills, and general health.


The course:


  • Meets in a two-hour sessions once a week for ten weeks
  • Is offered free of charge.
  • Is taught by trained NAMI mentors who themselves have a achieved a measure of recovery and are successfully managing their mental illness
  • Follows a structured format in a relaxed and confidential setting

The course promotes effective paths to recovery and inspires a commitment to wellness. Participants can:


  • Share experiences with peers who also are working toward recovery
  • Gain further insight into mental illness
  • Gain knowledge of how to manage and cope with circumstances
  • Learn to identify feelings, thoughts, behaviors, and events that can result in a possible relapse
  • Learn how to be an active participant in any treatment plan
  • Learn how to strengthen interpersonal relationships

Upcoming Sessions for 2016


April 6 - June 8

Wednesdays, 6 - 8:30 p.m.

at NAMI Fox Valley

211 E. Franklin St., Appleton


Sept. 20 - Nov. 22

Tuesdays, 1 - 3:30 p.m.

at NAMI Fox Valley


To register, call (920) 954-1550

"The course presented a very powerful message. I am impressed with the entire curriculum. It included a lot of different tools for recovery while allowing for choice, which is important to me."


- Peer-to-Peer participant

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