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Who We Are


What is NAMI Fox Valley? We are the local affiliate of NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness) with a mission to support and empower those affected by mental illness and the vision to live in a stigma-free community, and society, that supports and promotes mental health and recovery.


Serving Calumet, Outagamie, Waupaca and northern Winnebago counties, NAMI Fox Valley works tirelessly to raise awareness and provide essential education, advocacy, outreach and support programs for people living with mental illness and their loved ones.Through the efforts of our dedicated staff and volunteers, we offer 16 different education, support and outreach programs in our community.


Mental illnesses are brain disorders – medical illnesses like any other. One in four adults – close to 60 million Americans – experiences a mental health disorder in a given year. One in 10 children, meanwhile, live with a serious mental or emotional disorder. Tragically, less than one-third of adults and one-half of children will receive the necessary mental health intervention to treat their disorders.


Sadly, stigma remains one of the biggest barriers that prevents people from seeking treatment. We will no longer allow mental ilness to remain in the shadows where people feel shamed and blamed for their illness or too embarrassed or afraid to seek help. As the community's voice on mental illness, NAMI Fox Valley is steadfast in its commitment to overcome ignorance through education, and replace stigma with compassion and understanding.


Let's face it, we all know someone affected by mental illness. That someone, whether our mother, brother, friend, cousin or perhaps ourself, deserves quality care and a community that supports them, their families and their recovery.


With access to quality mental health care, treatment works. With hope and the right tools and supports, mental health recovery is possible. Hope. Help. Recovery. Those are NAMI’s promises.


If you or a loved one is suffering, know that you are not alone and we are here to help. If you'd like to help, we invite you to join us – become a member, supporter or volunteer. If you'd like to learn more about mental illness and all that NAMI Fox Valley is doing in our community, invite us to come speak to your civic group, employees or classroom.


Together, we are building a healthier community where mental health is acknowledged as a basic human need and those living with mental illness are treated with the same dignity and respect we afford to those facing any other chronic illness.


I am so proud to play a part in an organization that is living its mission daily. I hope you embrace our cause.



Maren Peterson, Executive Director



Our Mission


NAMI Fox Valley works to support and empower everyone touched by mental illness.  We commit to eliminate stigma and nurture recovery through education, support, advocacy and outreach.



Our Vision


We envision a community, free of stigma,

that supports and promotes

mental health and recovery.


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