This program gives local employers the opportunity to sponsor a "Lunch-n-Learn" session that pertains to employee wellness.


Employers are encouraged to sponsor a session (one-hour or longer) at their workplace. Members of NAMI Fox Valley will give a presentation tailored to the employer's wishes, from the signs of mental illness to "In Our Own Voice" (which allows individuals living with mental illness to describe their life experience), to ways to provide cost-effective, meaningful accommodations. Sponsorship includes providing food and beverages.


Our services are free of charge, although donations are always gratefully accepted.

Did you know?


Mental Illness has a significant impact on the workplace that often goes unrecognized. Depression is the most common mental health disorder in the workplace and affects about one in 10 employees. Yet an estimated 75 percent of persons with depression do not receive a diagnosis; of these, 72 percent are in the workforce.


Saving money, saving lives


Treatment for mental illness works and is cost-efficient. Providing effective treatment reduces the impact of mental disorders and saves employers and employees significant costs in medical care, productivity and disability.

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